New York

New York

So what do we know of New York City yet?

First of all, the flight from Hungary is not as much a trouble as I would have suspected. To be honest, 9.5 hours can pass by really quickly if you have a couple of movies to watch and some good books with you. The gluten free food was also a completely fine choice at Lot, though I’ll need to see the return trip. There is a little chance that it caused some celiac symptoms. Noting to be alert about, but I’m definitely interested if it happens on the way back. If it does, I’ll notify the airline.

The hotel we are staying at is a cozy little place, just 2-3 streets from Central Park on the East side. Once you get used to some weird little details, it is quite enjoyable actually. 3 of us are staying here, so we have 2 “complimentary” breakfasts? You mean two are included in the price and 1 costs extra? … Well, at least it is yummy. However it is very spacious and nicely tidied up, so no actual complaints.

So far we have checked some of the ‘must see’ spots, such as the Top of the Rock, Central Park, the Museum of Natural History (dinosaurs are closed off until the winter, unfortunately), the Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, Union Square, the Museum of Modern Arts and of course some shops.

It does feel like taking a bit of fresh air, after not having traveled for so long. Yes, I know it’s an amazing thing that I have so many opportunities to travel, but believe me, this time away from home was much needed. And mostly for personal reasons.

The people are nice here. They actually do compliment you on the streets and everybody is generally just smiling. I don’t know if they have put something in the water. Probably it’s just Hungary itself, that I’m surprised by generally delightful and happy people. Well whatever it is, I hope I can take some of it home with me, once we have to return at the end of the week.

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